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Maknaes in girl groups

get to know: jennifer lawrence (insp.)

make me choose:
↳ anonymous asked: Yoona or Sulli

Red lipstick / black eyeshadow

Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to another level, while disrespecting their Captain. Not cool guys, it’s not your turn yet, be patient.


Leeds Festival, Leeds, 23.08.2014

“They say ‘Lucky Number 7’ but Lucky Number 9 has been ingrained in my head. My lucky number is 9.” - Stephanie Hwang (Midnight TV Entertainment, 11th Nov 2010)

"In life, it is a once in a lifetime achievement to be able to graduate from college; it really is an honor. I attended school for 4 years and to be already graduating now is unbelievable. Since I’ve really become a part of the society, it’s an important responsibility. I want to show a good image as a fantastic artist, actor, also as a singer and to make my alma mater shine more." —Seohyun